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Monday 22 July 2013

It's a boy!

My kitchen

Our Little Princess has been waiting patiently for the Royal Baby to make an appearance, and now she and I will be taking guesses on how he will be named.

Little Princess was probably hoping for a girl just as, so the papers say, William was. I may have to give her a little bit of help with coming up with names suitable for British kings, I do not expect there will be much of a chance of Maximillian, Ludvig or even Johannes being amongst the choices made by William and Kate.

So that is the history lesson planned for the school children's afternoon session.

We will think of as many names as possible for Kings of Germany, Britain, Hungary and of course the Netherlands (we have a Dutch boy in the group too) and then take a guess at what the Royal Baby will be called!

We will not have a gun salute here, or red, white and blue lights flashing like on the London Eye and in the Trafalgar Square Fountains, but I might just take that bunting in the photograph above and hang it along the wall bars tomorrow. It will at least make my colleagues smile!

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