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Tuesday 4 May 2010

Conductive upbringing

By Susie Mallett, 2010

I have decided to make things a bit easier for people who come to my blog, by creating this second site. My initial plan is that it will be entirely about conductive upbringing, but we shall see how it develops.

My wish is to publish articles by different people, by anyone who has a story to tell, questions to ask or information to share.

Of course I shall publish my own writings on conductive upbringing but essentially this space will be for anyone who wishes to send me something to publish.

This can, for example, be something already published, either on another blog or as a paper. It can be a summary of something that has been discussed at a conference or between a group of colleagues, friends or parents. It can be something written especially for the blog about personal experiences,. It can be something that has been discovered somewhere on the internet that can be discussed here on the blog, or it can be a posting full of questions for readers to attempt to answer.

It can be anything that, you the readers, wish it to be.

I also wish to use this site to link to anything that I or readers discover anywhere, online or on paper, about conductive upbringing.

I sowed the first seeds for this blog over a year ago now, then I began planning it online in the spring. Although the layout is not finished and I am having a lot of difficulties getting the gadgets to work, I think it is time to press the button to get it going, and let the rest sort itself out along the way.

If anyone wishes to publish something here all that is needed is to send it to me in an email. There is also opportunity to publish comments that can be moved into the main body of the block when necessary