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Sunday 21 July 2013

125 years of experience to call on

125 years of experience to call on

The weekend a few weeks ago, when I celebrated my birthday with my colleagues at work, was also the twentieth anniversary of my move from Budapest to Nürnberg. A friend celebrating my birthday with me also qualified as a conductor twenty years ago, in 1993. There were two other colleagues present who qualified a couple of years later and one who had left our Alma Mater a few years before us.

How lucky we are to have over a hundred years of conductive experience in our small, but expanding centre in Nürnberg. There are an additional few years added to this total, and a lot of added energy and sparkle, from our two young conductors. Our total years of experience will increase to over 125 years when the eighth conductor joins our team in September, to work in one of the two conductive/integrated crèches.

As conductors we have grown older and more experienced together, two of us having been here since the beginning of Nürnberg’s conductive life in 1995, another three joining not long after. Others have come and gone over the years, most of them from our generation, and now that we are beginning to add a few more youngsters to the growing team our groups will soon be filled with boundless energy again.

Thanks to my colleagues for the spontaneous rainy-Saturday get together and an even bigger thank you for the special presents, Rod Stewart’s autobiography that I have read on my shady balcony during the recent scorching weather, and a bike-stand – after twenty years of locking my bike to drain pipes I have a bike-stand of my very own that I share with a colleague’s daughter.

It is good to have colleagues who nudge me into action, whether by deciding that it is time that I had a bike-stand or encouraging me to try something new in my work.

With all those years of experience between us and with all the young energy joining us, the team is really vibrant at the moment and I feel my advancing years not quite so much as I would without them.

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