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Monday 8 June 2015

A conductive upbringing

Little Princess

Some families just do it.   

Little Princess and her family are so motivated that they just have a go at anything that comes their way. Little Princess is included in everything and she also initiates many actions herself.

A few days before the weekend of the Blue Night in Nürnberg when museums and galleries open their doors late into the night and when many new creative projects take place, all that was needed was to suggest in hearing distance of Little Princess we all meet in the city at some point during the evening.

Little Princess was immediately tuned in and the following day had everything sorted out. All that we were relying on was the weather to play along.

It was a dull rainy day on the Saturday in question but at the last minute, well into the evening the weather cleared and I received a message on my phone from Little Princess informing me that she, her brother and their French exchange guest and her mum were about to leave their house. I had a ten minute walk to town so I slowly made by way to our meeting place.

We enjoyed a couple of hours amongst the crowds before returning home to our beds just before midnight.

I was so impressed with the way that Little Princess whizzed amongst the crowds in her wheelchair, her head at elbow height, without a care in the world. She was thoroughly enjoying her very first Blue Night experience. I hope we share many more Blue Nights and other such events in the future because I always find Little Princess’s presence so inspiring.