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Monday 30 April 2012

What a gentleman and what an independent lady!

Help is at hand when you need it! 

Last week our Little Princess was offered help twice, and twice she politely turned it down! 

It was not help from her Mum or Dad, from her Grandma or Granddad, or from a conductor. The help was being offered to her from her friend.

It was lovely to observe from afar the following, gently caring exchange of words:

Shall I help you with your coat, F.? asked Jolly Prof., as they arrived together from school.

No thanks, she replied, I will try to do it on my own.’  

After lunch it was time to wash hands and Little Princess was off, on her bike as usual, to the bathroom:

Shall I open the door for you, F? asked her friend again.

I waited expectantly for the reply. This was a difficult problem to solve as our bathroom has a huge outward-opening door, but I had seen it done successfully once before and I wondered what the answer would be this time. 

Sure enough, the reply came loud and clear once more:

‘No thanks, I can do it on my own.’

And she did. It took a bit of manoeuvring, opening first the sliding door to her right to make space, but in went Little Princess under her own steam to wash her hands and even shut the door behind her!

Watching Little Princess on her walking-bike, negotiating tight corners and small spaces, I believe she could be right when she says that one day she will drive a car. She is brilliant, she knows not only the position of her own body in the space around her but also, down to the last millimetre, the space that her bike needs too.

Little Princess also knows how to refuse the help that her friend offers her, politely, so that she knows that he will continue to ask. She knows quite well that one day she may be very glad that she has a special friend beside her, and one that is such a gentleman too!

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