Susie Mallett

Monday, 24 October 2011

A walking success

Here is the best toy that I have ever discovered

If I had a conductive toy-list this would be near the top

It is a Laufrad, a walking bike, that I recommended recently to a family with a disabled child and it is a great success.

The child is a small eight-year-old and the XL version is just perfect for her, now put together on the lowest settings so there is room to grow. I discovered the bike in a catalogue given to me at a local shop, I then showed it to her mum who gave her approval and ordered it, all within a few days. The very next day after making the order we got a phone call. not only to say that it had arrived at the shop but that it was assembled and ready for collection.

So collected it was, and all in the space of four days a bike was found, ordered, picked up, and our Little Princess can now cycle home on her own. Well actually not quite cycling but walking home on her bike!

It is fourteen months since Little Princess became my first ever child-client to walk home on her own. She progressed from using a rolator to a tricycle quite quickly and now she is using her Laufrad. I cannot help but wonder what she will be doing next.

Made in Germany

The bike, a trike actually, is made in Germany as many toys always used to be, by Pedalo:

We, the conductors here in Nürnberg, are all are absolutely thrilled with it. The child, who now owns one of these “walking-bikes”, has athetoid cerebral palsy. She can walk a very wobbly ten paces alone, she has very good trunk control and sits on a stool very safely. When she has to, as she does when using this bike, she can grasp well with both hands, and she has very good orientation and coordination skills. For example, she knew immediately when she got on to it that, if she scooted with one leg, then she would turn in as tight a circle as possible.

Her Mum was brilliant in the moment that she gave this bike to her daughter. She just picked her child up. plonked her on the bike and let her get on with trying it out! She had absolutely no doubts that she could do it, neither did the child or the conductors!

Highly recommended

We all thoroughly recommend it.


Many thanks go to the man at:

for the great service. Your advice, the ordering and super-fast assembly of the bike are all very much appreciated.


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