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Wednesday 13 July 2016

The ramp that connects Conductive Lifestylers and patents in Frankonia

My neighbours get to hear lots about my conductive lifestyle stories. When they needed to take some photographs to illustrate how life with a disability can be made easier though use of a product that they produce in their small engineering works they knew just who to turn to – Susie Mallett’s Conductive Lifestyle team!

My neighbours, the Kastners, produce the ramps that cover cables and water pipes at rock concerts and funfairs. We all know them but we also all take them for granted.

Perhaps not many people have tried to go over these ramps other than by foot, but try riding a bike, pushing a pushchair or negotiating a wheelchair over one; it is not a pleasant experience. It is a very bumpy ride.

Recently my neighbours were asked to develop a new version of these ramps that is much longer than the originals that will make using a child’s buggy or a wheelchair at a rock concert much easier - unfortunately it cannot help against all that mud! 

Once these ramps were successfully in production the design was patented.

The call for my help came just a few weeks ago when the Kastners were asked to display their wares at a local exhibition of industrial patents from Frankonia. They needed a few photos for their presentation and with our summer fete coming up three of my conductive lifestylers were able to help out, test riding the ramps.


Conductive lifestylers – people who having chosen to learn through conductive pedagogy decide to live their lives conductively.

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