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Sunday 6 July 2014

A cohesive society, is this what Conductive Education needs?

Aimee and Great Grandad picking the strawberries that I (Grautie Susie), helped to plant and weed

An interesting listen for you on Radio 4 today –

Last Sunday I enjoyed listening to Lily Allen talking to Kirsty Lang on Desert Island Discs and this week Radio 4 enthusiasts were treated to Sir Michael Marmot who talked amongst other things about cohesive society.

I hope you enjoy this week’s offering as much as I did as I sat on my balcony in the cool under the dark leaves of the prunus tree making boxes for my Christmas sweets.

As they said on Gardener’s Question Time – for the last two weeks the nights are drawing in!


This week the title picture won second prize in a photographic competition called Grow with Grandad.

With the Grow with Grandad prize



    I have just sat down to give bit of a polish to a longish posting that I have been laboriously assembling over the last couple of days for Conductive World, only you find that to find that you and Radio 4 have beaten me to it. My own posting is also about social cohesion.

    Now I have a dilemma. Should I just post what I wrote anyway? Economy of effort draws me towards this solution.

    Or should I rush across to BBC iPlayer, give half an hour or so of my time, and then limp back hangdog to the drawing board? I do not think that I could face this!

    I rejoice in synchronicity when it occurs so I shall probably follow the latter path.

  2. I am not sure what it is that you risked - posting before or after listening to Desert Island Discs.

    If you have not listened yet I hope you find the time to do so, I think you will enjoy it. The choice of music is also worth the listen.

    The pictures are taken in two different places, the strawberry picking is in my Dad's garden and the prize-giving is the garden centre