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Monday 2 June 2014

Some things never change but sometimes some things should

2014 Aimee and Oli

1958 Grauntie Susie and  Grandma Jenny, with Great Great Grauntie and Great Great Grandma
1928, Great Great Grandad, Great Grandma, Great Great Grandma and Great Uncle

Fastening clothes

How many times after having spent a few minutes trying to find an easy way to fit the two parts of a zip together have I wished that I or someone else would come up with an idea and develop it commercially?

How many times do my clients go out in the cold air with their coat undone because they just cannot be bothered to spend time struggling with the zip?

In this day and age I always thought there must be someone out there with a solution.
 And there is. I found that person, or that company.

Zip A Dee Doo Dah

This is just what I have been waiting for all the time that I have been working closely with people with motor disorders and helping elderly people come to terms with less movement and feeling in their fingers –

I hope that it gets onto clothing that is within the financial reach of people with disability.

I cannot remember how many conversations I have had with clients, parents of clients and colleagues about the need for something like this.

Brilliant, lets have it out there in the world where it is needed, not only on clothes for athletes.


Song of the South

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