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Monday 10 February 2014

So glad

Today, over on her blog called Premmeditations, Mrboosmum was talking about her blog-statistics. There she described how glad she is to discover, though reading through the referral statistics, that she reaches out to so many families caring for and bringing up children who have been born prematurely, have cerebral palsy, infantile spasms and many other problems.

I am glad to have found her blog too.

When I feel at a loss as what more I can say, what more I can give, I have another place where I can refer clients, conductors and professionals from other fields.

Mrboosmum, it is not only families like yours that appreciate your words, it is not only the people like you who learn from your stories of daily life. Your insights are invaluable to people like me, people who come into contact with such families in our daily work.

Thank you.

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