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Tuesday 1 October 2013

WCCE 2013 (conductive upbringing – that is what it is all about!)

Last days of summer in Norwich, September 2013

A continuous journey

I am so glad that I encouraged the organisers of the 8th World Congress for Conductive Education to invite attorney Ralph Strzalkowski to take part as a keynote speaker, and, after difficulties in getting the initial communications started, so happy that he accepted. Ralph has already started his journey from Florida to Europe and he is already getting lots of publicity back home.    
I received this Google Alert three times today –

I have been following Ralph’s story’s since he began blogging and I was pipped-at-the-post when Conductive Education Press got in there first with an offer to publish a book containing an edited selection of his postings. I would have loved to have had the honour of re-telling Ralph’s stories in one of my narratives in my book series Conductive Lifestyles, but it does not matter who publishes it what is important is that Ralph’s story gets written and heard. The book should be available at the Congress, you can read about its making on Ralph’s blog –

You can read about Ralph’s preparations for his journey on his blog too and also get to know him a little bit and begin to wonder what stories he might be narrating in his Keynote speech. I, for one, am very much looking forward to meeting and hearing him next week.

Just a few more snippets about the book and the travelling

And this is one of my favourites –

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