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Monday 17 September 2012

Creativity gets the new school year off to a good start

A roman bracelet perhaps? 
It is certainly something fit for a princess!

Fun comes hand-in-hand the new school year

Oh, what fun it is to get back to work after a couple of weeks on holiday and jump straight into a really exciting arty project.

The association where I work in Nürnberg is celebrating fifty years of providing help of all sorts to disabled clients and their families!

‘That’s the golden anniversary’ I said to the boss when we met at the summer fete in June, and that is how the event that we have been asked to present at the City Hall on Friday got its name – ‘The Golden Fashion Show’.

Ten children have been given permission to leave school and Kindergarten early on Friday so that they can walk the cat-walk in their hand-made costumes in front of the Mayor and Lady Mayoress, and all the presidents, directors, governors, and many more big-wigs, who will be making, and listening to, speeches. We have been invited to provide a break, in what otherwise could be a rather dull occasion, by contributing just a little bit of glitter and some glamour.

When I got back from my holiday I was thrilled to discover that so many people had got involved in collecting ‘golden rubbish’ from which we have created our Haute Couture Recycled Collection 2012. There were bags full of sweet wrappings, coffee packaging and even some emergency foil blankets, for the children to choose from to create their costumes.

The children are just full of ideas and have a really clear image of what they wish to look like when they have their artworks finished.

Someone asked me today whether we were under pressure of time and feeling the stress of the important occasion.

Of course not!  

The children are so excited and having a ball, dressing up in their golden robes and making sure that everything fits and stays just where they want it.

A fairy and a prince with his golden steed!

The only costume that is not yet finished is my own. But it will be ready soon. It has to be as my dress rehearsal is tomorrow evening!

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