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Sunday 27 February 2011

My Book

Let me tell you a story, Book One

Readers, I have at last sorted out the selling of my book on line.

Thank goodness that there are people out there in the world who are less afraid of pressing computer buttons than I am. Thank you to those who have helped and guided me while I set up a method of payment for my book. It has been tried and tested twice by Kasey in America and it works very well.

Thank you Kasey for the order, for being young and brave and for being the PayPal guinea pig!

It's so easy...

Because I am based in Germany, Kasey tells me, the first page or maybe even the first line of the invoice comes up in German but she clicked further where she informs me it continued in English and was simple enough to follow.

So if you wish to read my first book, that costs just 8.,50 Euros plus postage and packing, send me an email with your order to:

Do not forget to include a postal address for delivery!

If you are based in England I will forward the address to Gill Maguire who will then despatch the books from there to save on the postage costs.

Thanks for reading!

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